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Prime Aqua Top Coat

Formulated using the latest technology with the finest materials


Prime Exposure Prime Aqua Top Coat is a water-based acrylic Sealer like no other; it has been made using the finest resin and is blended in Australia for Australian conditions.
Prime Aqua Top Coat has been formulated using the latest technology with the finest materials; this allows it to outperform any xylene based sealer available in the market.
Prime Aqua Top Coat is UV resistant and will protect your concrete from mould, staining, algae, moss and repels dirt, grime and oils.
Prime Aqua Top Coat must be used in conjunction with Prime Aqua Primer to ensure surface adhesion.


Unlike traditional xylene based sealers, it is easy to apply, non-hazardous and has very low odour which is ideal for indoor application. It is efflorescence and alkali resistant, it has also been designed to have market leading resistance to hot tyre pick up. These properties make it the perfect choice when coating any concrete or masonry surface.
Prime Aqua Primer must be applied as the first coat to ensure adhesion and to consolidate the surface. Unlike xylene based sealers Prime Aqua Primer and Prime Aqua Top Coat is unaffected by moisture and can be applied to damp concrete or masonry surfaces.
Prime Aqua Top Coat improves early surface strength and protects against foreign contaminates. It is a hardwearing surface coating that will last more than 30% longer than a typical xylene based sealer.
Prime Aqua has superior surface coverage compared to that of a traditional xylene based sealer with up to 5-6 square metres per litre, compared to 3-4 square metres per litre with a xylene based sealer.

Application Guide

After stirring well, we recommend that you apply one even coat by using a roller with no pooling.
You can apply by using a Spray Unit, this process will require one coat of Prime Aqua Primer and two applications of Prime Aqua Topcoats.
Under typical conditions (above 15°C and low humidity), allow a minimum of 2 hours before applying your second coat (weather dependant) ideally, waiting for as long as you can between coats for the resin to harden is best.
Please ask your Prime Exposure stockist for our Anti Slip System for any surface that may be a slip hazard.

Surface Preparation

Ensure the Prime Aqua Primer coat has cured sufficiently before applying Prime Aqua Top Coat.