Featured Product: Prime Exposure Surface Retarder

The Concreter's Surface Retarder of Choice for all horizontal/vertical exposed aggregate concrete surfaces.

  • Designed and Developed by Professional Concreters for Professional Contractors.
  • Technical support and advice right there when you need us.
  • Predictable and easy to use...great results time after time.
  • Our user-friendly tips will ensure the highest quality exposed aggregate concrete finishes for your customers.

Why Choose Prime Exposure?

Prime Exposure is fluoro green

Easy to see fluoro green colour to ensure even coverage.

Prime Exposure has the perfect viscosity to allow application on steep slopes.

Viscosity of prime has been developed to enable it to be applied on flat and steep inclines without excessive run off.

Quick wash off the following day by anyone.

Reduced wash off times coupled with the advantage of being able to have anyone wash off the next day without compromising the quality of the finish.

We're stocked all over Australia, you can count on us to be available to help.

Large distributor network, so wherever the job is, you will find Prime Exposure.


Prime Same Day Sealer

This solvent-based acrylic is a ready for use sealer that can be applied directly to green curing concrete

Prime Aqua Top Coat

A water-based acrylic Sealer like no other, made using the finest German acrylic polymers. Blended in Australia for Australian conditions.

Prime Aqua Primer

Prime Exposure PrimeAqua Primer is a water-based acrylic Sealer Primer, blended in Australia using premium acrylic technology

Prime Xylene

Prime Xylene is a thinner used on solvent based Prime Sealers to assist with substrate penetration. It is also suitable for cleaning most concrete surfaces and equipment.

Prime Anti-Slip

Prime Anti-Slip is a transparent crushed glass, it transforms any sealed concrete surface to a pedestrian friendly anti slip coating.

Royal Condor Backpack Sprayer

18 Litre Prime high pressure pump with screw down idle and strainer for quick filling.

Prime Formgel

A water soluble thick retardant gel that is applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces to expose the aggregate in concrete.

Prime Standard Sealer

Prime Exposure Acrylic Sealers will enhance the colour in your decorative concrete and keep it looking like new for years.

Prime One Coat Sealer

Prime One Coat has been specifically designed to save time and money whilst delivering the same results as the two coat process.

Rechargeable sprayer

Prime Exposure 16ltr rechargeable backpack sprayer with 6V pump for 2hrs of continuous spraying