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Designed and Developed by Professional Contractors.

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Our Prime Exposure development team are all professional concreters. We have spent over 10 years developing a product that will ensure concrete contractors achieve the best possible results for their customers.

Our tenacious attention to technical detail, product testing and customer support make us stand out from our opposition in today’s competitive marketplace.

Our products have been exhaustively tested in all weather conditions to ensure we deliver the highest quality finish combined with substantial labour cost savings as a result of our reduced on-site wash off times.

Our customers and their needs are the focus of everything we do. Along with our people and our distributors they are our most important asset.

By working closely with our customers we contribute our experience, enthusiasm and ingenuity to achieve the result that is most appropriate for their needs. Our service is the end result of the partnership, which we establish with our customers.

The quality of our service and our professionalism is only matched by our commitment to ensure that we will always deliver our customer’s products through our distributors on time, every time and as economically as possible.

Prime Exposure Right There When You Need Us.

We know and understand the critical importance of timely technical support, not when it’s too late. At Prime we provide the practical and technical support for your business when you need it. We know our service is second to none just ask our customers. Our team of distributors are geographically located where you need them and have been trained to assist with your inquiries and needs.