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Prime Evaploc

A cost effective, concentrated product which helps reduce hairline cracks and is easy to use.

Prime Exposure Evaploc is a water-soluble liquid when sprayed on curing concrete creates a plastic film that retards water evaporation in setting concrete. This greatly reduces the chances of plastic shrinking (known as hairlines) while making the concrete more workable for an extended period.


Prime Exposure Evaploc reduces the chances of plastic shrinkage by up to 80% if the ground surface has been thoroughly watered prior to concrete placement.  Using Prime Exposure Evaploc will allow the concrete to be workable for a longer period by delaying the surface to crust over in windy and hot conditions. 

Once applied the concrete surface will have a creamy feel under the trowel making finishing easier without altering the concrete strength or durability.

Prime Exposure Evaploc retards concrete water evaporation by up to 80% in windy conditions and up to 60% in sunlight. 

The distinctive fluorescent green colour ensures easy and even product application. The bright colour that makes application so easy, leaves no staining or residue once cured. Because you dilute the Prime Exposure Evaploc it costs less than 10 cents a square meter per coat.

Coverage: 10 Litres of diluted Evaploc will cover approximately 50m2 of concrete with one coat.

Application Guide

  • Mix 1 litre of Prime Exposure Evaploc concentrate with 9 litres of water.
  • For easy application use a Prime Backpack Spray Unit or any garden sprayer.
  • Apply the first coat of diluted Prime Exposure Evaploc once you have screeded and bull floated the concrete.
  • A second coat is then applied after finishing the concrete. This coat is to be applied once the surface has cured enough that the product will not pit the concrete surface


Important Notice