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Prime Formgel

A water soluble thick retardant gel that is applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces to expose the aggregate in concrete.

Prime Exposure Formgel is a water based thick retardant gel that is applied to formwork prior to pouring concrete which allows you to leave formwork in place to expose the concrete surface 6 to 48 hours after pouring the concrete. This time frame is weather and concrete dependant.


Prime Formgel retards the surface ensuring an even exposure effortlessly with a brush/broom and hose or a high pressure washer.

The fluorescent green colour ensures easy application and reduces the chances of areas being missed or not coated.

Prime Formgel is water soluble and eco-friendly.

Unsurpassed level of surface exposure, providing an even finish and polish of stone.

We have a large distributor network, so wherever the job, you will be able to find a Prime Exposure stockist.

Coverage:  Approximately 50-60m2 per 20 Litre Drum

Application Guide

  • Prime Formgel can be applied with a paint brush or roller to Formply or any surface.
  • If formwork is porous, two coats of Prime Formgel is recommended allowing the gel to dry in between coats.
  • DO NOT DILUTE Prime Formgel, there is no need to stir or mix prior to application. Prime Formgel is ready to use straight out of the drum.
  • Prime Formgel should ideally be applied to porous formwork 1 hour prior to pouring.  Apply a second coat approximately 30 minutes before the concrete pour.  Be aware, rain or excessive moisture can dilute the coating reducing product effectiveness.  If formwork is not porous eg, Formply, a single generous coat of Formgel 30 minutes prior to concrete pour should be sufficient, dependant on preferred depth of exposure required.
  • Depending on weather conditions Prime Formgel can be washed off from 6 to 48 hours after pouring the concrete – this timeframe has been tested on 30-32 MPA concrete.  Times can wary with the MPA of concrete.
  • Weather conditions and any air between the formwork and the concrete surface will dictate the ease of removing the Prime Formgel and concrete slurry.
  • Be very cautious when placing concrete not to wipe the Formgel off the formwork with concrete tools ie. shovels etc.
  • Prime Formgel is required to be washed off immediately once the formwork has been removed.
  • After stripping the formwork, gauge the moisture content of the surface to determine the use of either brush/broom and hose or a high pressure cleaner to remove the slurry off to expose the surface.
  • Prime Formgel is best applied between 5-30 degrees Celsius.

Important Notice