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Prime Xylene

Prime Xylene is a thinner used with acrylic based Prime Sealers to assist with substrate penetration

Prime Xylene is used as an additive in our Prime Clear and Coloured Sealers when applying the first coat, to assist with penetrating the surface.

Mixing ratios may vary depending on the Prime product you are using. Please refer to the relevant Prime product Technical Data Sheet for details.


  • High solvency.
  • Mid range evaporation rate.
  • Used to reactivate/dissolve the surface of old sealers prior to applying a new coat.
  • Prime Xylene has a high solvency of grease, oils and general dirt.
  • Can be used for cleaning most concrete surfaces and equipment.
  • Solvent based acrylic sealant thinner.
  • Used to erase mistakes whilst painting.

Important Notice

Please read these important directions before use

When using xylene, it is important to take caution and use safety equipment such as safety goggles, chemical resistant gloves and suitable respirator.

Only use in well ventilated areas.

SAFETY DIRECTIONS: Please ensure adequate ventilation, avoid breathing vapours by using Australian Standard class p1, p2 particulate respirator ensuring it is fitted correctly.

Do not use Prime Exposure Xylene whilst smoking or near naked light or flame. Remove all non-canned foods from area if adequate ventilation is not possible during application or drying.

Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Should any irritation occur, please seek medical advice.

SPILLS AND DISPOSAL: It is important to keep all sealers & xylene out of sewer and storm water drains. If spills occur, remove or isolate all ignition sources. Contain and absorb spill in dry, inert material such as sand. Collect in sealable containers and dispose of as trade waste in accordance with local authority guidelines.

No responsibility can be accepted or any express or implied warranty given where performance of the product is affected by surface preparation, method of application or any other circumstances beyond the company’s control.