Rechargeable sprayer

The Prime Exposure 6V Rechargeable Backpack Sprayer is designed for spot spraying of large and small properties. The pump is powered by a small 6V battery with included 240V AC charger. The battery can be charged while inside the backpack or easily interchanged with a second battery (not included) to support extended jobs away from a charging point.

The included spray lance is lightweight and features a lock-on trigger device for reducing finger strain.

The Prime Exposure 6V Rechargeable Backpack Sprayer also offers dual-stage filtration, with a basket strainer under the lid to protect the pump from debris like grass and a second inline strainer within the tank to prevent nozzle or pump blockages.

The long reach spray gun comes supplied with an adjustable nozzle to control the spray pattern from fine conical mist for excellent (leaf) coverage to pencil stream for distance spraying.

Typical spraying uses 1 L/min from the nozzle and with over 2 hours that’s up to 7.5 tanks of spraying with a full charge*

A single charge will last you 7.5 tanks

* Subject to adjustable nozzle setting.

Technical Information


Capacity: 16 Litres
Material: U.V. Stabilised Polyethylene
Design: Contoured for comfort against your back
Straps: Wide straps with thick fabric padding
Lid: One-way breather lid to prevent spills
Filtration: Dual-stage filtration to reduce blockages


6 Volt DC Diaphragm pump with ‘On-Demand’ pressure sensing switch that starts the pump when pressure drops below 30-35psi and stops the pump at 35-40psi.

Max open flow: 1.5L/min
Pressure rating: 40psi
Valves: Viton
Diaphragm: Santoprene
Run Time: Over 2 hours of continuous spraying


Battery: 6V Sealed lead acid
Spray Gun: Long Lance with trigger lock and adjustable nozzle


Length: 260mm
Width: 345mm
Height: 550mm
Weight: (Dry) 6kg


12 months


Warm water is the best way to rinse/flush the sprayer out, cold water is fine if rinsed straight after use.
If there is any lingering residue washing with detergent may be required.
We stock spare parts for all our products, we can assist you for any issues that may arise with the sprayer.


For Prime Exposure Retarder and Evaploc, weed control, pest control and fertilizers.