Prime Same Day Sealer



Same Day Sealer is a penetrating, breathable primer coating designed for “same day” application on freshly
poured concrete. The solvent-based acrylic is a ready for use sealer that can be applied directly to green curing
concrete. It retains a wet/semi-gloss appearance, it also minimises substrate preparation and protects the
surface whilst not allowing efflorescence rise through it. Prime sealers are UV resistant and will protect your
concrete from mould, staining, algae, moss and repels dirt, grime and oils.
Solids (PBW): 15% plus or minus 1%
UV Light: low resistance.
Thinning: must not!
Application Rate: 5m²/litre/coat.
Film Build Wet: 50 microns.
Touch dry in 20-40 minutes ambient temperature dependant.



Check the concrete/surface is sufficiently cured and free of any excess surface moisture.
Apply coating with a xylene resistant sprayer when the surface has cured enough as not to pit or remove any
cement, you can apply with a roller which will require longer curing times.
You must allow a minimum of 8 hours curing time before applying a second coat of Prime Exposure Standard


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