Prime One Coat Sealer

Prime Exposure Acrylic One Coat Sealer is made using the finest German acrylic polymers and is blended in Australia for Australian conditions.

Prime Exposure One Coat has been specifically designed utilizing various polymers to save time and money whilst delivering the same results as the two coat process.
Prime Exposure Acrylic Sealers will enhance the colour in your decorative concrete and keep it looking like new for years.
Our sealers are UV resistance and will protect your concrete from Mould, Staining, Algae, Moss and repels Dirt, Grime and Oils.


  • UV Light: Very good resistance
  • Thinning: Prime Solvent
  • Recommended Film Build: 100 microns
  • Application Rate: 3-4 m²/litre/coat
  • Film Build Wet: 300 microns
  • 50 micron dry film cured for 28 days at 25oC before
  • Testing with 1 hour soak


Surface Preparation

Check the concrete is sufficiently cured, pressure clean the surface (above 2000 psi is preferred) and ensure the surface is free of any grease, oil or any for foreign contaminates.

Remove any loosely bound cement and Efflorescence by acid etching with hydrochloric acid diluted at approximately 9 parts water to one part acid, Do not allow the acid to dry on the surface during this process, thoroughly rinse the surface with fresh water using a garden hose. You must allow the concrete to thoroughly dry prior to sealing!

Any moisture will affect the Sealer, making it look white and cloudy.


The surface should look totally even in colour prior to applying Prime Exposure Sealers, if the surface is not, the cleaning process has to be completed again until the surface is uniform in colour. Any contaminates or efflorescence will be locked under the sealer coating and will remain for the life of the coating, the only way to remedy this is to remove the coating by using Prime Exposure Sealstrip.

Prime Exposure One Coat cannot be used undiluted on flat trowelled or Slate impression concrete. Prime Exposure has been designed to be applied neat on Exposed Aggregate and Stippled/ Panned concrete.     

We recommend applying Prime Exposure One Coat Sealer with a good quality roller as this will ensure there is an even coating with no pooling and reduce the amount of lost time in replenishing the roller with sealer. After stirring well, apply one even coat with no thinning down for Exposed Aggregate and Stippled/Panned concrete as the surface is porous which allows the sealer to penetrate the concrete surface for suitable adhesion.

Prime Exposure One Coat Sealer can be used the same as Standard Sealer if diluted by Solvent at 20%.


ADVISE THE DOCTOR TO TREAT THE SYMPTOMS IF INHALED: Remove from further exposure. If discomfort persists seek medical assistance. If breathing has stopped resuscitate

EYE CONTACT: Flush thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical assistance.

SKIN CONTACT: Wash contact area with soap and water. Launder contaminated clothing before re-use.

INGESTION: DO NOT induce vomiting because of Solvent aspiration. Milk drinks may soothe. Seek Medical assistance.

Further information refer: S.D.S. or call the POISONS INFORMATION LINE ON 13 1126



SAFETY DIRECTIONS: Please ensure adequate ventilation, avoid breathing vapours by using Australian Standard class p1,p2 particulate respirator ensuring its fitted correctly.

Do not use any Prime Exposure Concrete and Paving Sealer whilst smoking or near naked light or flame. Remove all non-canned foods from area if adequate ventilation is not possible during application or drying.

AVOID CONTACT WITH SKIN OR EYES: Should any irritation occur please seek Medical advice.

CURING: Approximately 7 days subject to ambient temperatures.

SPILLS AND DISPOSALS: It is important to keep all sealers & Solvents out of sewer and storm water drains .If spills occur, remove or isolate all ignition sources. Contain and absorb spill in dry, inert material such as sand. Collect in sealable containers and dispose of as trade waste in accordance with local authority guidelines.

CLEAN UP: Wash all equipment thoroughly in Prime Exposure Solvent and allow to dry.

CAUTION: Sealing concrete, slate, paving or slate impressioned concrete etc. can cause surface to become slippery particularly when wet.

SAFETY: We recommend the use of Prime Exposure Anti Slip (glass beads) to be applied with the SEALER to “REDUCE” the risk of slipping when wet.

No responsibility can be accepted or any express or implied warranty given where performance of the product is affected by surface preparation, method of application or any other circumstances beyond the company’s control.


For Technical Support Phone 0433 993 425



One coat sealer drum