Prime Formgel

Prime FormGel is a water soluble thick retardant gel that is applied to vertical and
horizontal surfaces to expose the aggregate in concrete.


  • Applied prior to pouring concrete, Prime FormGel allows you to leave formwork in place to expose
    the concrete surface 12 to 48 hours after pouring the concrete. This time frame is weather
  • Prime FormGel retards the surface ensuring an even exposure effortlessly with a brush/broom and
    hose or a high pressure washer
  • The fluoro green colour ensures easy application and reduces the chances of areas being missed or
    not coated.
  • Prime FormGel is water soluble and eco-friendly.


  • FormGel can be applied with a paint brush or roller to formply or any surface
  • If formwork is excessively porous, two coats of Prime FormGel is recommended allowing the gel to dry in between coats.
  • DO NOT DILUTE Prime Formgel, There is no need to stir or mix prior to application. Prime FormGel is ready to use straight out of the drum.
  • Prime FormGel is to be applied just prior to pouring the concrete. Rain or excessive moisture can dilute the coating.
  • Try not to excessively vibrate the concrete as it can lead to reduced level of rock content in the exposed surface.
  • Depending on weather conditions you can wash Prime FormGel off from 12 to 48 hours after pouring the concrete.
  • Weather conditions and any air between the formwork and the concrete surface will dictate the ease of removing the Prime FormGel and concrete slurry.
  • Prime FormGel is required to be washed off soon as the formwork has been removed.
  • After stripping the formwork, gauge the moisture content of the surface to determine use of either brush/broom and hose or a high pressure cleaner to remove the slurry off to expose the surface.
  • Prime FormGel will cover approx. 80m2 to every 20 litres. It is best applied between 10-30 degrees.


Prime FormGel is a water soluble product that is preferably cleaned in hot water however cold water can be used.


Prime FormGel is slightly alkaline. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear suitable protective clothing (goggles, impervious footwear and gloves) when handling. If poisoning occurs seek medical advice. Prime FormGel should not be stored in metal containers for long periods.


Wash skin thoroughly and remove contaminated clothing. Eye – Hold open and flood with water for 15 minutes. Ingestion – DO NOT Induce vomiting. Give a glass of water after rinsing mouth.