Prime Aqua Primer

Prime Exposure Aqua Primer Prime tech sheet 2018Prime Exposure PrimeAqua Primer is a water-based acrylic Sealer Primer which has been blended in Australia using premium acrylic technology with proven performance for Australian conditions.
PrimeAqua Primer uses specialty polymers to consolidate, penetrate and bond to masonry surfaces.
PrimeAqua primer is specifically designed to be used in combination with PrimeAqua Top Coat which is UV resistant and will protect your concrete from Mould, Staining, Algae, Moss and repels Dirt, Grime and Oils.Prime Exposure Aqua Primer Prime tech sheet 2018


PrimeAqua primer must be applied as the first coat to ensure adhesion and to consolidate the surface.
PrimeAqua primer has the penetrating power of a traditional xylene based sealer, but unlike traditional xylene based sealers, PrimeAqua primer can be applied to masonry surfaces that are damp or moist.
It is easy to apply, non-hazardous and has very low odour which is ideal for indoor application. It is efflorescence and alkali resistant.
Our unique formulation has been designed to provide accelerated dry speed which allows the contractor to be able to apply the PrimeAqua sealer within 30 minutes.
By consolidating and binding the surface, PrimeAqua primer improves early surface strength and protects against foreign contaminates. It can also be used to prevent concrete dusting or as a same day sealer.


Concrete that is more than six hours old please check the concrete is sufficiently cured and pressure clean the surface (above 2000 psi is preferred), ensure the surface is free of any grease, oil or any for foreign contaminates.
Remove any loosely bound cement and Efflorescence by acid etching with hydrochloric acid diluted at approximately 9 parts water to one part acid, Do not allow the acid to dry on the surface during this process, thoroughly rinse the surface with fresh water using a garden hose. The Surface can be moist. It is ideal to use a leaf blower to remove any excess water from the surface prior to application.


After stirring (you can vigorously shake the pail, we recommend apply using a Spray Unit, roller or broom, ensure that you apply an even coat with no pooling.
Under typical conditions (above 8-10°C and low humidity), allow a minimu


Follow this link to our Prime Aqua Brochure

Prime Aqua A4 Brochure August 2020


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