Prime Anti-Slip

Prime Anti-Slip is a transparent crushed glass, it transforms any sealed concrete surface to a pedestrian friendly anti slip coating.


  • Unlike polymer anti slip it doesn’t breakdown in UV light.
  • Easy application, impervious to any contaminate and cost effective.
  • Will only darken the coating by up to 5% depending on the application concentration.


Hand broadcast Prime Anti Slip while applying the first diluted coat of Prime concrete sealer ensuring the sealer is still wet.  It is very important to apply an even coat as it may effect the appearance of the sealer.  Apply the second undiluted coat to lock the Prime Anti Slip in.


Please note:  Over time the surface’s anti slip properties may reduce.  This indicates that the concrete surface is due to be resealed and more anti slip applied. This practice will ensure that your decorative concrete is always safe and protected against wear.